ARSER – Association for Research on SEquelae of Radiotherapy, is a non-profit association whose goals are:

      • provide support to people suffering from sequelae;
      • contribute to the funding of research dedicated to the treatment of these sequelae.

ARSER headquarters are located in Paris (see www.arser.ch) and a Swiss branch has been created under the name of ARSER Switzerland.

The treatment of cancer by radiotherapy is likely to cause, after a time which can be relatively long, deterioration of health which is often difficult to bear, painful and requiring targeted care.

As the number of cases is relatively low, these sequelae can be considered orphan diseases and few doctors have the information allowing them to give adequate responses to the symptoms observed in their patients.

Moreover, the wide variety of sequelae of radiotherapy – there are nearly 80 of them – makes the approach to their treatment very complicated.

What ARSER can do for you:

ARSER is a place of listening, discussion and solutions through dialogue between doctors and putting patients in contact with specialists. For this, it has various practitioners and researchers, as well as a forum (www.arser.ch) in which patients present their cases and their treatment experiences, an inspiring source for all.

It also identifies elements of prevention and various means of additional relief.

The contact person is Jean-Marie Cariage tel. +41 (0)79 615 98 39 mail hello@arser.ch



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